Document reproduction, storage, digital archiving

Minerva was created to solve the common problem of the reproduction, preservation and digital storage on computer media of documents that are fiscally relevant both in electronic format and acquired directly from scanners, ensuring compliance with the originals and allowing the elimination of all paper files.
One of Minerva main technical features is its extreme versatility regarding the types of documents to be catalogued and indexed (invoices/delivery notes, estimates, but also files, movies, photos, audio files)
While maintaining a high intuitiveness and immediacy, Minerva is able to create a highly detailed, precise and secure document archive, thanks to the adoption of a client/server protection system based on MS/SQL.
These qualities in addition to the graphical immediacy of commands and tables, with previews of documents and search possibilities on all archives through a typical system of the search engine, makes Minerva a product suitable for the needs of every type of company or professional.

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