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eurosoft: da 35 anni nel mondo dell'informatica

We are a software house that works since 1980 in IT, in constant growth and innovation to assist and advise our customers for the best. Nowadays Eurosoft can offer many standard procedures, renewed year by year using tools offered by new technologies

Our main activity is creation of tailor-made software for small and middle businesses.
In fact, ARCHIMEDE is not at all a commercial off-the-shelf product. It is completely customizable for the customer’s needs.
Our strength and distinctive characteristic is that Archimede is written and designed to meet the customer’s specific business processes.

Many companies choose customized software in order to eliminate repetitive tasks, enhance the maintenance of data, improve sharing of information and get real-time results. Our final aim is to accommodate customer’s particular preferences and expectations.
Archimede can of course combine features from other existing software (with planned import / export of data) with additional features that your company needs

Over the years, we have developed also other procedures, ULISSE (hotel management), TESEO (technical studies), FUTURA (typographies) and MINERVA (digital archiving). All packages can be combined with each other.
Our office is in Villar Perosa (Turin, Italy) but our programs are used by customers in the whole Italy and in the world (among several countries we remember China, Korea, Mexico, Brazil and Poland).
The 1st January 2016, in an optics of bigger solidity, quality and future perspectives, the society Eurosoft di Valletti Pierpaolo became Eurosoft Srl.

Eurosoft is not only software: our world includes also other sectors
We can summarize in three simple words.

Software di contabilità gestionale

For more than 35 years we are specialised in the direct development of managerial and bookkeeping software for companies and professionals. We manage to develop highly personalised projects, based on customer requests.

Riparazione pc, notebook, monitor e stampanti

We assemble and repair pc and notebook directly or with the support of important partner companies. We advise the customer on the best equipment fitting his own job, and in the after-sales we make interventions for installation, configuration and training.

Hosting e realizzazione siti web

We realise static and dynamic Web sites, based on the specific demands of the customer, using new technologies and most recent development software. We create leaflets and brochures, company presentations, audio and video editing, personalised logotypes.


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Pierpaolo Valletti

ICT Manager

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Laura Chiabrando


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Danilo Ribet

Senior Software Developer

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Boris Bruno

Hardware and Network

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Marco Allaix

Web and Hardware

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Matteo Demichelis

Tech Support Specialist

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Elena Sanmartino

Project Management

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Monica Allaix

Customer Service

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Nicola Giordano

Sales and Customer Service

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Umberto Baruzzo

Software Developer

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Francesco Valletti

Software Developer

Why choosing Eurosoft?

First objective: understand customer’s needs. Personal demands and objectives are always different; therefore, a good initial analysis is fundamental.
Whether it concerns software, hardware or a website we work together with the customer to carry out the realization of the project.The estimate of times and costs is always timely and free.
The carrying out of the project is followed step by step: we are a staff that works well together and each one has a specific knowledge that let us face the project with different points of view and in an optimal way, always aimed for the global improvement of the productive systems.
In the informatics in fact, like in many other sectors, it is fundamental never to be stopped, in order to be competitive and up with the times.
At the end of our work we do not leave the customer given up to himself: we offer assistance with interventions onsite, on-line (with Remote Desktop or Teamviewer), or by telephone. For each customer, we offer support service on-site, by phone or through remote assistance.
Customers may choose an annual software/hardware maintenance contract to ensure periodic check. Support can be extended on public holidays if needed.